The Funny One… Yeah, That Would Be Me

Wednesday, November 19

Are you the funny one in most groups? What kinds of things do you find funniest?

You know how it is considered somewhat egotistical to admit that you are gorgeous?  Well, somehow that does not apply when it comes to humour.  Or does it?  No, I won’t play the false modesty card on this one.  I am funny.  I am.  It’s in my genes.  My sisters are funny.  My Dad was funny.  Some of our kids are pretty funny (so far, anyway).  Even Mom has her moments – being the more reserved one, she hides it more.  Me?  Not so much.

How do I know I’m funny?  Well, I do know I’ve made at least one person snort and spew their coffee onto their screen and keyboard, desk and bathrobe… and that was on our first “meeting”! (Me, leaving a comment on her blog.)

I am often told “Your (sic) so funny” by my not-as-grammatically anal as I am friends.  Must be true then.  I mean, how often does one have to be told to believe it?  No worries.  I’m there.

To tell you the truth, I don’t go out there and try to be funny.  I could never have the cojones to do like a friend and take a stand-up class and then go up on stage and perform. Oh no!  I like my audiences small and intimate.  Though I may have been obliged, as part of my “initiation” in a former company I used to work for, to dress up as Cher to another’s Sonny and sing “I Got You Babe”… Well that’s what we were supposed to sing (as I am quite a bit taller than he) but they (the buggers in charge of said “initiation”) could not find a recording so we ended up being two members of the Mamas and the Papas singing “California Dreaming”. In. Front. Of. Everyone.  I can tell you this now because no one who witnessed it actually reads this little blog so, just take my word for it.

And just so we’re clear:  the whole going up on stage and making a fool of myself is not my M.O.  A Jim Carrey  I am not!  No physical contortions will be coming from me!  I am more of the witty, sarcastic, in-the-moment say-something kind of funny.

Oh, and don’t play jokes on me.  That does NOT get my funny bone.  Ask my husband.  He’ll never play a trick on me again like he did waaaaay back in the beginning before he knew better.  Oh no.  That is when I lose all sense of humour.