Sunday Gratitude – October 19, 2014

Mother Nature seemed confused this week!  We went from wearing shorts and tank-tops to woolen sweaters and mittens!  The week was spent doing some shopping and lots of cooking for Saturday’s catering job…  More on that to come at Dalectables!  All in all, I would say it was a pretty darn good week!  Walks were taken, foods were bakin’, a night out with friends eating and dancing and families getting together to encourage a nephew with his personal project, despite the wind and cold.

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Gratitude List

  1. Going out with friends for an Armenian Gala including good food, great music and a fun entertainment.
  2. Getting a good reaction from a client when he comes to pick up his food for his event.
  3. Walking outside in October in shorts and a tank top.
  4. Being able to wear my wool sweater given to me by Mick waaaaay back in our first year together (it has to be quite cold to be able to wear it!)
  5. Coming home after freezing our butts off for our nephew’s event in a skate park and declaring that it was officially a pyjama (rest) of day!