Mom lives a good two hours “up north” (however, when officially looked at on a map, is more of a western, slightly northern direction).  To us, it will always be “up north” and that’s just how it is.  One must accept it at our word!

Having not seen Mom since before the Christmas holidays (since we Snowbirded down to Florida) my sister and I decided to go up to see her  for an over-nighter and with the hopes of kidnapping her for the rest of the week.  Yay!  Success!  She is now being passed from sister to sister to sister, spending an evening with each of her girls and their families.  Win-win-win for all!

Monday was such a gorgeous day, a walk was in order!  As promised to Annarette, I had to find Sparkles for her!

Well, it is to be hoped I succeeded!!!