All Hallow’s Eve – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #51

In honour of Hallowe’en, my participation in Crispina’s challenge…

All Hallow’s Eve

“That’s a mighty fine web you’ve woven.”

“Thanks, I’m trying a new material.”

“Looks fine but I don’t see it working out.”

“Whyever not?”

“Not sticky.”

“Not meant to be. Do you not find it represents a Samhain’s Wheel better than our silky webs would?”

“Well, yes. But why?”

“It’s Hallowe’en, silly!”


“Samhain is the origin of today’s Hallowe’en festivities.”

“Oh… I see, sorta…”

“I just wanted to put a positive spin on things!”

“So, you are NOT trying to capture any food, then.”

“Nope, not tonight.  Just want to celebrate the new year, the end of the harvest, the beginning of the dark half. You know, like the ancient Celts did.”

“But we’re not ancient, nor are we celts.”

“You suck, you know that?”

“I can’t. You’ve no bugs for me.”


Word count: 133

And for our cranky, hungry spider, my photo 😉

And because I took this photo this morning and it has its own spookiness and I just wanted to share it… here’s looking at you…


Dear Mrs. Spider

Dear Mrs. Spider,

Let me begin my missive by telling you how much I appreciate your existence. I totally believe you have your place in this world. You do keep certain bugs away and you are a most creative creature. Your webs are works of art indeed! Depending on the light, they shimmer and shine. In the early morning due or after a light rain (not one so wild that it would destroy your oeuvre) is when your web positively sparkles! Yes indeed, you are truly appreciated.

I do, however, have issue with where you choose to weave… Must you absolutely, positively HAVE to do it right between the plants and trees I NEED to walk through to get my lovely heirloom tomatoes? Could you not choose, say, between a tree and the house, far away from the steps I must take?



Yes, yes, I know I could go through my patio doors (as I did to take the first picture above) but these doors are, quite frankly, a pain in the ass to open, especially when it is only to collect a handful of cherry tomatoes for my lunch. Plus, I usually forget they are there as the dining room is not often used in the summer.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I always saw your “abode” – but even then, I cannot pass by without having to destroy at least one side of it, which is a shame, really; you need to renovate each and every time. No, it’s those times when the sleep is still glueing my eyes shut that I just plow right through, having totally forgotten your existence that truly bother me. UGH!!!

The Only thing worse about you having to rebuild, or re-weave? The feeling of cobwebs all over my skin and hair. I then spend the next 10-15 minutes shaking my hair out and rubbing myself trying to ensure that YOU are not stuck to me as well!!!

It’s not that I’m frightened of you per se; I just don’t enjoy the sensation of having something crawling over me. You have such power over me that as I write this, I feel you all over me!

So I ask this of you, dear Mrs. Spider, when I go out later and destroy your latest creation, please do not come back to rebuild in the same place! I will do my utmost to choose a more satisfactory location; one far from us two-footed beasts, most of whom have nary a care for the serious work you do.

I do apologise in advance that I cannot save your web and do wish you a long and fruitful life doing your spidery things.

Most sincerely,