Weekend Writing Prompt #164 – Syzygy

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend. How you use the prompt is up to you. Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like. Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise. If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.

So, it’s no longer the official weekend though it is MINE…  Besides, I didn’t have three seconds to myself during work and my brain was mush after so. Today it is. Thank you, Sammi, I think… whatever possessed you to use this word?  Love the challenge of trying to think outside of the box.

I’m in syzygy

You’re a celestial body aligned with a moon and planet?

No, metaphorically speaking

How so?

Neck, back and feet – working in conjunction – a straight line of pain