The Joys of Taking a Different Route

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I had a dinner date with a friend last night. Our arranged time to meet at her place was 5:30 pm so I had an hour and a half to get there from my work. I figured I’d skip the ole shopping-to-kill-time-thing and go directly there. During rush hour, you just never know how long it can take so, better safe than late!

As I get closer to my exit, I see a warning sign stating there is an accident exactly where I’m to get off. Hmmm… I have two different options and choose the farthest (and closest to my destination) one.

You see, I live on the south shore of the island of Montreal and though I am very familiar with many of the boroughs, some, not so much. I have a pretty good sense of direction so I’m not overly worried about getting lost – plus, thanks to the GPS in my phone I know that I will definitely get to where I’m going!

That said, I totally enjoyed driving through three different ones, admiring the old houses and buildings, watching people go about their business, all the while listening to some fabulous tunes on the radio. I was almost sad to reach my destination by 5:00 PM!


As I had promised myself I would at least take a small walk, in lieu of my bike ride, I parked my car and went around the block and down a street to find some wine for our evening. I did so, and on my way back admired this lovely flower garden.


Walking up to my friend’s door, I got stopped with a “Madame Rogerson”. Surprised, I looked up to find an old friend that I had not seen in a good dozen years! We chatted a bit, kiss, kiss on each cheek and went on our merry ways.

There are so many lovely things to see and people to meet when we just take the time…

Oh and for those who are sure to ask. NO, I did not run this morning! Hubby looked out the window when the alarm went off. “Is it raining?” I question. “Nope, we’re good.”


Get dressed, drink my water, get the dog leash (Zeke is ecstatic that we’re bringing him along), let him out to do his pee so he doesn’t pull us when the need strikes and…. What? Is it, like, POURING??? WTF?

Sigh. Disappointed pooch, hubby and wife. ‘Coz, no, hubby does NOT see the need to go galivanting in the rain… especially as it is not a warm morning.

Looked for my One-on-One 10-minute videos with the sexy Tony Horton and by the time I dug them out of the recesses of the video/tape/junk/everything-we-have-no-specific-place-to-store cabinet, it was time to hit the shower and go to work.

All is not lost. We have an hour-long karate class tonight. It will more than make up for our two failed mornings….