Favourite Holiday Memory

Tuesday, November 4

What is your favorite holiday memory? (And yes, you can pick any holiday, including your birthday.)

OK… so D’OH! I signed up for the NaBloPoMo for November and I couldn’t figure out how to link my blog to their site so I was blogging directly on theirs… See November 1, November 2 and November 3… Not all that user-friendly when one wants to add photos as I am wont to do.  The whole hooking up to Flickr and connecting the html code… all gibberish to me though I did manage to actually do it. (Yay, me!)

Imagine what crossed my mind when I clicked on another link on the BlogHer site and found exactly where to link my blog?  Feeling stupid much?  OK… that is a little harsh.  Let’s call it ignorance but now I am enlightened!

So, where was I?  Oh, yes.  Today’s prompt has made me really think.  There have been many grand memories of various holidays over the years and feel blessed as a result.

Christmas in Florida last year was such a fun thing to do and made me realize that I will definitely be a future Snowbird!

Turning 25, 30, 40 and 50 were all special as, being as gullible/naïve/insert adjective here, as I can be, I was surprised each and every time.  I guess I am an easy mark…

My favourite holiday memory is also bittersweet.  It was Christmas 2012.  Dad was pretty sick and we decided to cancel our camping trip to Florida for Christmas because we just felt it more important to stick around home.  It is a good thing we did too as it ended up being our last one with him.

Every year Mick makes his special Christmas brunch and family and friends are invited.  This particular year we felt that it would be best to keep it to just family – which, frankly, is a big enough group as we are 18 in all!  Dad was pretty frail at this point and we didn’t want him exposed to more germs than necessary.  Well doesn’t he come in, with Susan (his love), big smile as usual, loaded down with three pretty boxes (as well as smaller ones for the kids).  Hmmm… what did he have up his sleeve this time?  Dad always ensured that his gifts were “even” between his girls!  One year it was the water fountain, each getting a different one; another it was the artisanal salad bowl, etc.  This time would be what?

(I had to cheat and include two pictures as on Christmas Day, I did not have a nice non-fuzzy one of him with his usual smile… The second one was taken at his house not two months later when he had US over for brunch.)


Well this one was very different.  Not only was this Christmas special as it was our last one with him, it was so because his gifts were a part of him.  (I am trying to hold it together typing this and not succeeding overly well.)  When I opened mine I just started sobbing – as did my sisters, my husband and brothers-in-law – not a dry eye in the house.   You see, what he gave me was his tea set.  My sisters each got sculptures that he had collected over the years.  Things that just said “Larry”.  He truly tried to give each one of us something of his that he knew we loved.  I suppose mine was the easiest of his decisions as I relentlessly teased him that he should truly give me the tea set one day as I would actually use it instead of letting it collect dust in a china cabinet.  I don’t think there is a member of the family that didn’t know that I coveted this set!  He later told me that he had planned on giving it to me for my fiftieth birthday but was worried he wouldn’t make it.  Sadly, he was right.

Ironically this beautiful tea set still sits in the box I received it in and shall remain there until I have place to set it out properly.  And use it.  To think of him every time I use it.  And try not to come undone.