The Taming of the Bug… Or Should I say Man!

When one is camping, one encounters all sorts of critters.  Big ones, small ones; two-legged ones to eight-legged ones; scary, not-so-scary.

Some of these critters we can find back home and others not.

Some, though familiar, can seem, well, boosted! Hulked-up! Larger-than-life!

We came back to camp after a day at the beach and inside our screened tent was this “little” critter!  When I saw this gorgeous dragonfly, I grabbed my phone (closest tool at hand) and snapped a few pictures, figuring this was my only chance.

After having done so, hubby did a sort of dance to get said dragonfly OUT of the tent without it touching him!  Not that he’s afraid of bugs but, let’s be honest, this was a BIG one.  After much flapping about (both Mick and the bug) – did I mention that I get why the dragonfly is called Evinrude in “The Rescuers“? – the sound of those flapping wings (the bug, not Mick) was LOUD!  It sounded like the motor of a boat… Anyway –

I’m not quite sure how it happened but somehow in the “scuffle” the bug tamed Mick!


Bug tames man


At this point I asked him to be patient and not scare off Evinrude (yes I decided to name it) while I went to get my camera so I could take his close-up.

I only managed to get three in and only one was worth keeping before he flew off to another adventure.


I’m ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille!

Just another day on the Jersey Shore!