Gratitude Sunday – August 3

Well!  After a nice hiatus where I almost completely refrained from connecting…. OK, OK, I may have posted an Instagram or twelve but other than that, I didn’t touch my emails or computer.  It’s really good to disconnect for periods of time and just hang around with family and friends, take in the sunshine and read a book or two or three…

The weather was absolutely fantastic on the Jersey Shore and we took advantage of it!  So, on with getting back on track and what better way to start then with some gratitude!

Higbees Beach

Higbees Beach

Gratitude List

  1. I am grateful my family had a fabulous two weeks together with hardly a fight!  Let’s face it, 10-hour drives in a truck (each way) – yes it is a comfy F-150 but still – and two weeks in a trailer can be quite challenging when you are two adults and two teenaged boys…  Everyone just relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company.  It was heavenly!

  2. How cool is it that we ran into friends from home at, of all places, Walmart in Cape May, and decided to spend a day together at the beach and merge our suppers.  Their boys and my boys truly connected and we ate like kings (Merci, Maxime, tu as raison, ton boeuf est vrrrrraiment bon!)

  3. I’m grateful to have witnessed both my sons’ incredible patience when faced with a Really-love-the-big-boys-seven-year old girl who must be related to the Energizer Bunny, as well as two little boys (4 and 6) who, if mine hadn’t kept them busy, we the parents would never have been able to chat at all!

  4. As lovely as it is to go away on holiday and regardless of the mountains of laundry to be done as a result, it is so nice to sleep in one’s bed!

  5. When you go away on a beach vacation, you wish for great weather… which we had in spades!  In our two weeks, we got a few “spits” of rain that came and went before anything got wet and when it did rain – sorta – it was while we were tucked away in bed!