I wasn’t planning on sharing this on Valentine’s Day but here it is… To my happlily coupled peeps, Happy Valentine’s Day!  To my happily single peeps, Happy Valentine’s Day! To those who are not in the situation they wish to find themselves in at this time, Happy Valentine’s Day!  There is enough love out there for all of you.  In whatever form it takes.





A smudge in an otherwise cloudless twilight sky

Trying to blend in with the blues and violets and pinks

unnoticeable, discreet




by streetlamp posing as the setting sun

Shining its light, without thought

Exposed, for anyone who is looking, to see




to be taken, for unknown reward

Though showing vulnerability frightens

it is, in truth, the courage to love






#Weekend Coffee Share – Mid-February Edition


Before I even start my share, thank you to Emily from Nerd in the Brain Blog for her first, of many, hosting duties!  I think we are going to have much fun!  If you want to join in, just click on the image above, and you will be brought over to Emily’s home, where you can join in.

If we were having coffee… oh look, it’s noon!  Would you prefer something else?  It is Saturday, you know, you can have whatever you’d like.  I had a late start so I’m on my second coffee.  This cold that has been hounding me since last Thursday makes it taste a little wonky but it’ll do.  I fear I have caught that two-week bug I keep hearing about.  I ended up finally going to the doctor’s on Thursday, knowing full well that it was “too soon” for her to see if there is an infection or not so I got a prescription for an x-ray for my sinuses for next week if I feel the need… yeah. Well. I’ll be fine.

If we were having coffee, you would see that I got a new ‘do on Tuesday!  Yes, it was time.  Valentine’s Day Present no. 1. I don’t like to keep the same hairstyle for too long (something a former hairdresser of mine told me.  I asked him his opinion on women, age and length of hair and his response was:  What ages a woman is keeping the same hairstyle for years on end.  Somehow I got an image of Rachel from Another World and knew exactly what he meant!  Thanks, Joseph.  I follow your advice, though I no longer have you as coiffeur.  You are downtown and I haven’t worked downtown in ohmigosh! 20 years!)  So, here’s the new look.  Will never obtain the same look as the hairdresser does and it will take a week before I can do anything with it (usually does after having it long for so long!)  I happened to have been feeling rather well that day so I didn’t cancel my appointment (though I warned Françoise that I was still sick – she told me to come in anyway).  I paid for it by feeling worse then horrible by Thursday – which is why I finally relented and went to see the doctor.  Anyway.


Valentine’s Day present no. 2 was flowers to me from me with all my love…  Then my eldest felt guilty that I had bought him some Kinder Surprise, so he picked up sushi and chocolate for me!

And how could I forget!  There is a Tim Horton’s (THE coffee shop all over Canada – but don’t tell them, I am not in love with their coffee) beside the hairdresser and I hadn’t had my coffee yet, so I picked up a cup.  Dye job lasts a good 45 minutes so….  As I left the salon, Martine, one of the hairdressers calls to me:  Hey, you want me to throw out your coffee?  To my “yes” she said, wait, let’s roll up the rim.  Well, I’ll be darned.  I got a free cup of coffee!  So I brought said winning empty cup and got myself another for the drive home.

Guess what?


Maybe I should have bought a lottery ticket…

On Wednesday, we got quite the snowstorm.  I’d go so far as to call it a blizzard.  Man oh man!  Bummer for the school kids that it started after they all got to school. Buahahaha!  It was over just in time for them to come home too!

View from my bedroom window

View from my bedroom window

As a result from all this snow, rain, more snow, my Tempo (winter tent-like-thing for cars) is buckling under the weight.  Because I have been so sick, I didn’t think of telling the boys to remove some.  Too late.  The damage is done.  We’ll have to replace some screws – again.  Like the first year after Mick passed away.  This was HIS department!!  Sigh.

Oh!  And before I forget, I finished reading our very own Trent McDonald’s book of short stories, Seasons of Imagination.  A most wonderful collection of short stories.  Some of them really stayed with me and I almost wished they would go on (though they were complete stories in and of themselves…)  Worth picking up, I tell you!


Oh. My. God!  I am awful.  How could I forget to thank my sister for going out of her way to buy me meds from the pharmacy, and bring me her left-over chicken noodle soup!  Thank you, Lisa. You always come through in times of need!  I love you, Sister! xoxoxo 

I think I’ve taken up enough of your time for today.  I wish for you all a most wonderful day!

Always, with lotsa love!




Gratitude Sunday – February 15, 2015

It was a week of ups and downs ~ but mostly of ups!  I had fun participating in A Frank Angle’s Life: The Musical.  You see, I only started following him recently so I didn’t know about this lovely project (the second one of its type) where his readers are asked to participate in the acts making up the musical.  I arrived at the Epilogue and submitted my song without completely understanding what this was all about.  Well, I had me a whole lotta fun (and gave him a run for his money) by going back and participating in each act.  Fun stuff and one that really made me think of what to share to represent me in each act.  Frank was most kind and gracious by catering to my whims and taking the time to comment my choices.

Gratitude List

  1. Not only did Patti give me chocolates when we saw each other on Wednesday; Fhameeda (my neighbour, five house down) did too!

  2. We had our annual birthday celebration for Andre and I paced myself so that I could last (read out-last) the evening.  Kept up with the boys!

  3. Received the beautiful bouquet above – definitely was spoiled this year!

  4. Ever so lucky that my paediatrician has emergency clinic every morning from 8:30-9:30 – no appointment necessary.  All is good with the boy.

  5. It was a week of seeing old friends and new friends; catching up on each others’ lives – some taking three hours to try and cram in 18 years!  Will definitely have to re-do that one!

One Day

It’s not that we always went out of our way for Valentine’s Day.  Some years yes, some, not so much.  Last year just happened to be really special ~ the irony of life, I guess.  Who knew it was our last one?  At the time, Mick did not want me to post pictures or blog of what he had created for me as he wanted to keep it just between us.  I did share this post at the time, and not to disrespect his wishes, but needing to show what a wonderful year we had had, I did give more details.

Yesterday I was feeling a little melancholy.  I don’t think I was thinking of what today is per se but I was just missing him.  The house was empty as the boys were off doing their thing – which is a good thing! I had oodles of things to do but no energy to do them so I used the “I’m allowed” card.

Then Paolo Nutini song “One Day” came on the radio (love that scratchy voice of his) and it felt bittersweet.  Like the song.  It fit my mood.  I love this song.

So today is a day for love of all types (kinda what I said last year, eh?) so I am wishing you all a most wonderful day full of the kind of love you need/have/desire!  Whether it be self-love or amourous-love or friend-love.  Go out there and find it!  (Or stay in and enjoy it!)

Patti, my sweetheart of a friend, (don’t tell her I called her that!) wanted to ensure I did not find myself empty-handed on this day so she gave me this!


Tonight is our annual “Celebrate-Andre’s-Birthday-With-Shooters-Night” where I play with the boys and try to keep up (which I am pretty good at, if I say so myself!)  Mick was not the shooter-guy type, so the responsibility fell to me…  This was also the one time in the year where Mick was MY designated driver so, no worries folks, I’m also bringing my PJs and a toothbrush so that I don’t drive home!