#MeToo – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday evening, my Fellow Friday Fictioneers and Fabulous Followers!  Today’s story is somewhat outside of my usual fare.  I don’t often (if ever) use today’s “in the news” things but this one just came to me.  To think I was going in a totally different direction when I first saw the pic.  Might go crazy and do a second one with that first idea.  We’ll see.

Thank you always to our fearless leader, Rochelle Wisoff (no “e”) Fields for keeping us coming back week after week.  And this week, Rochelle chose a most interesting picture from J. Hardy Carroll so thank you to him for allowing us to write our 100 words based on his pic.

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©J. Hardy Carroll

Genre:  Realistic Fiction

Word Count:  Toujours 100 Always


“Wooo hooo!  Hey there Hot Stuff!” followed by a loud whistle.

She ignore him and moved on.

“That’s a smoking hot body you got there, Girlie-Girl!” from yet another in the same group.

On she walked.

“Oh baby!  Gimme a hose to put out the fire you’ve lit under me!”

They were persistent, she’d give them that.  Seething inwardly, she squared her shoulders and kept on, totally ignoring them.

Their cat-calling continued, getting dimmer the further she walked.

Finally, all was silent as she turned the corner.

Taking a deep breath she shook it off.

As so many women have.