Colour, Colour, Everywhere

After going the grey route, today’s super sunshiny day let the colours shine brightly.  What a difference a day makes!

Of course, we wouldn’t want it to be sunny AND mild…. no, no, let us bring back the chill!  Sheesh.  Not nearly as bad as a couple of weeks ago but enough to chill my hands with every picture I took!  And Zeke can attest to the fact that I’m the pain in the butt with my stopping and clicking!  He’ll just have to accept to sniff where I stop, that’s all!

We didn’t take any new routes but well, the colour idea all started when I saw this bush, which I’ve passed a gazillion times, and for the first time noticed its branches are red!

Red branches

Red branches

OK then, let’s just see how much colour we can find…

My mission was to just open my eyes and see what was out there.  ‘Tis far from flower season so we’ll have to make do with what I found!

A trio of fire hydrants (I was positive I had taken a picture of a red and blue one but my phone says no….)

I made my way to Teletubbie Park and looked at what I originally thought was just a bunch of green things.

Kept on walking all the way to the other side of the street and was sad to see this…

Made my way back home,  found the City guys on coffee break so I took a little red and yellow!  They teased me and said there would be a fee for taking pictures so I told them to pet Zeke!


And finished off with a little yellow and gold….

Hope you enjoyed my little bursts of colour after the greys of the last post!

Oh, and lest you miss him…. here is my Zekie-Poo!

The missing piece

The missing piece