Weekend Writing Prompt #143 – Elysian

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend. How you use the prompt is up to you. Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like. Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise. If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.  Thanks, Sammi, for getting me to use a word I never use!

To Each Their Bliss

It can be found on a beach

high up on a mountain top

in the endless sea of sand that is the desert

There is no set place outside of your mind

For me, on most of my walks with

Zeke at my side or bounding ahead

My Elysian bliss is found

No matter the weather

Weekend Share – January 14, 2018

“Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind.”
Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Well now, I have not done one of these in ages.  Too long, methinks.  I miss writing more than a 100-word story for Friday Fictioneers – not that that will end any time soon!  I love it way too much to give it up.  However, I know there are one of two of you who enjoy my “Gratitude” or “Weekend Coffee Share” type posts and I kinda like doing them.  Helps to give me a perspective on what’s what in my life.  Plus, I promised myself I would write more in 2018, including continuing preparing my stories of Mick and our family to eventually turn them into a book of short stories.  Rochelle has been most convincing and I think I shall heed her noodge.

Till then, here’s a little recap of my past week.

On Tuesday, Zeke and I finally went on one of our long walks.  It has been so cold that I just couldn’t bring myself to bundle up and go out there.  We’re talking -25ºC (-13ºF) with a windchill of up to (down to?) -40ºC (-40ºF).  Nope.  I may have done it a few years ago, after Mick’s passing but since then have become such a wimp.  Wimp.  That’s a little harsh.  Let us just say I did not acclimatise my body to the redonkulous cold this year!  Tuesday it was a balmy +1ºC (34ºF)!  Come ON!  Woo hoo!  It was so warm, that I overdressed.  I was dying of heat and half the time, held my mittens in my hands and not covering them.  For a girl with Raynaud’s that is quite something…

We step out and I see my car.  Sigh.  I’ll have to take care of it later.  I had decided to park my car in front of my mother’s (oh when will it be towed away?) so that the guy could clear out my side.  What I hadn’t considered was the city passing and snowing me in.  Merde.

Zeke got most excited when we turned right at the end of the street as he knows this means a good looooong walk!

Of course, when we left the house the sun was shining brightly but not even half-way into our walk, it disappeared.  As a result, we didn’t go quite as far as I would have liked.  You see, all the pathways had not been cleared yet and man, that is a good workout!  But I did go past “my” favourite willow treet

We trudged along, resting here and there…

We didn’t make it all the way to the other side of Parc des Coutances, where we sometimes run into a bunch of other dogs and their mistresses.  Both Zeke and I were starting to feel enough was enough.

Of course, on our way back, the sun came out again. Hmph!

I didn’t manage my 10,000 steps, got to somewhere around 8,600 give or take, and it represented a good 5-6 km, and considering it was hard to walk in, I’m declaring it a full 10,000 step-effort!

On Wednesday, Aidan declared we needed to go to the barbershop as he had had enough.  Holy moly!

I swear he looks even taller than his 6’1″.  He’s happy, his girlfriend is happy but I think the happiest one is his brother, Iain.  Kept calling him a bum… Brothers…

Of course, everyone was so excited to get all that rain and watch our mountains of snow melt away.  And then we weren’t.  Starting Friday night and well into Saturday, we got bombarded with a ton, a TON, I tell you! Of snow.  I don’t know what the exact numbers were but my front steps disappeared!

There are steps – I swear!

It was an impressive accumulation, gusts obviously made it worse than it really was, but impressive nonetheless.  Once the snow was removed from my car, I found a nice layer of ice… sigh… why did I get rid of my Tempo last year?  Why???

Zeke was most helpful…

And I took a break looking up at the clouds.  They were moving so fast, it was hypnotic.

By the time we finished our big job, the sky had turned a beautiful shade of gold…

Didn’t torment any of you with pictures of food – this time – but suffice it to say that a nice pot roast was waiting for us after a job well done!

Have a most wonderful week and I think that I shall do like Robin over at Breezes at Dawn and start listing

A few of the 10,000 things that make me happy: 

  1. Golden light that I catch with my camera
  2. Zeke – for always being ready for a walk no matter how cold it is outside
  3. François – for coming into my life at the right time
  4. Heated house – when the temperatures dip as low as they have this month, it is more than appreciated
  5. Snow – it brightens up what would be a dreary season





Sunny Days

I woke up this morning to the sound of the blind gently slapping against the window.

At 6:45.

On a Saturday.

Closed the window.  Though I love the sound of rain, I hate the click, click of the blind.  Went back to bed and just lay there.

After half an hour I gave up and made myself a cup of tea.  I would have pressed the button to get the coffee going but as I am such a wonderful wife, I did not.  The smell of coffee would be enough to wake Mick up and he’s allowed to sleep in occasionally.  Like I will tomorrow. Right?

So after reading all the wonderful blogs I’m subscribed to and leaving my two-cents’ worth in comments, and since I don’t want to wake the household, well, here I am.

Oh, it is now 8:30 and I hear the blind go up in the bedroom.  Mick comes up to me and says:  “Where’s the coffee?  I’ve been lying in bed for a bit and still can’t smell it!!!”


So, where was I?  Oh yes… Yesterday was an absolutely splendiferous day!  We knew they were calling for rain today so yesterday was time to take advantage of the clement weather.  I had promised Zeke a walk so as soon as the boys were gone and I had my breakfast, off we went!  There would be more work to do in the kitchen later so we had to get in our special time early.

I thought I’d share a few images taken…

Because, after play, comes work!  Mick trimming the cedar hedge (way overdue, as far as he’s concerned but with the painting, work, etc. it is what it is!)  and moi, more canning!!!  Did batches of tomatoes and two batches of pear jelly/honey

What does today hold?  Well… let’s see.  I still have a bag of apples just waiting to become jelly or sauce or crumble…

Tomorrow?  We are definitely having a pyjama day.  Delicious breakfast. Coffee.  Movies. Wine and cheese. Maybe a nice pasta for dinner… we’ll just have to see, now won’t we?

Where Does My River Go, Part Deux

It was a beautiful day.  The girl was sitting at her computer, deciding on how to go about her day when she got a visitor… No words were necessary!


“Yes, my Zekie-Poo, we will go for our walk!” she told him and proceeded to get dressed.  Hmmm… it was a “balmy” -3°C (which warmed up considerably as they went along on their walk).  Knowing full well she would probably end up on her knees at one point or another to take a picture, or walk in knee-deep snow, the girl decided to put her snowpants on, no matter how warm it was. And her tuque (why, oh why did she only have a wool one?) And her scarf – no scratch that, her scarf was too long and hot, she would use her son’s that she had made for him as it was shorter (another mistake – just as warm).  Mitts were always required as her hands can’t handle the cold.

Off they went with no particular destination in mind and the girl was almost tempted to turn around and peel off some layers.  Ugh!  Why oh why did she do this to herself!  Take the hat off, no too cold; put the hat on, too hot; take the scarf off – where to put the damned thing?  Tie it on the leash. No, that was totally annoying to both Zeke and the girl.  Oh!  Around the outside of the coat? No, too short, kept sliding.  Bloody hell!  Ah!  In the Hood of the coat.  Out of the way and off the body!  Take the mitts off, starting to feel cold; put the mitts back on.  And so it went.  All the way to “Nina’s Park”!

“Oh?, What the heck is this?” questioned the girl… “Snowmen! No, Snowmice! Hmmm… Snowrabbits?”

Not sure...

Not sure…

Whatever they were, they stood in the middle of the park like Sentinels watching over the joint!

They chose to continue on to their walk to De Brouages Park with no intention other than to extend this time in this beautiful weather.  Once they arrived, they noted snowmen “bodies” all over the place.  Oh my! Had there been a bombing?  (She did have quite the imagination…)

Snowmen bodies

Snowmen bodies

The girl sat and contemplated, looking around her and just enjoying the view, half wishing she had another with her to chat with.  Let’s face it, Zeke is not that talkative!

A place to rest

A place to rest

Looking at the little bridge crossing “her” river, she noted some trees that seemed to tell her:  “Go this way, have you figured out where your river goes yet?”

“Oh yes!” she cried.  “Let’s go, Zeke!”  And off they went!

Along the way, they noted the pretty details in the vinegar plant and oh! a slide for leprechauns!

As they got closer to the river, the girl decided that maybe it would be best NOT to walk along it.  They had gone as far as they could last time…

My river

My river

They walked alongside the pathway until they got to the spot where the girl had broken through the ice.  Looking around, she tried to find the exit of the viaduct by peeping over the fence.  Ah hah!



Found it!

They had to cross a street and look around to see where the river continued and finally found it!

They walked along it, keeping a close eye on where it meandered.  Somewhere it had to pass UNDER the highway.  There!  Right next to the little strip mall!

Alrighty then…. the girl’s hubby was almost right.  He thought it crossed over under a little further than it really did….  She couldn’t wait to tell him!

“So, Zeke. What think you? Should we wait for another trip to see just where this river finally joins the St.Lawrence?”



She decided that the adventure would have to continue at another time.  They still had quite a ways to go before they returned home…

They walked along the bicycle path that runs parallel to the train tracks.  So nice that the City plows it for the walkers all through winter – where they can!

The girl had lived her whole life in this town – most of it in a house close enough to the tracks that every three to six months, the glasses had to be pushed back in the china cabinet as the house would shake so much they would start banging together!  What a memory that was….  That, and the fact that the train whistle would blow at all hours of the day and night.  Much to the townspeople’s chagrin.  After many years of complaints, a fence was finally installed all along the tracks.  Apparently this is the only thing that can be done to ensure they need not warn folks that trains are passing.

Gateways are installed along every crosswalk and are unlocked most of the day.



They continued on their way, enjoying the sounds of the birds, some of which were sunning themselves on the wires and they even ran into two little girls.  “Hmmm…” she thought. “Wonder if they are playing hooky!!”  She then remembered that it was a pedagogical day for the French schools…

A most enjoyable walk, indeed!

They were looking forward to their next adventure!

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