Where Does My River Go, Conclusión

It was a gorgeous, sunny Sunday.  The boy asked the girl if he could join her and her dog for one of their adventures. How could she refuse!  They had no plans per se and they were just enjoying the day; going with the flow.  Who knew where that would lead?

As usual, Zeke patiently waited for them to get ready.  “Seriously, what takes my humans so long to get ready?” he wondered…



The trio decided to take a route they had never taken and headed for the other side of the tracks to discover new areas.  As they went on, they chose to cross the highway at one of the overpasses and walk along the river.  There are beautiful pathways which they hoped would be plowed.  While crossing, they noted the strip mall where the river ended and crossed under the highway.  Maybe they would find out once and for all just where this little river joined the St. Lawrence.

Across the highway

Across the highway

Along the way, they noticed some damage had occurred to trees during this past harsh winter and they found a house almost hidden from view.

They continued on their way and found themselves at the Rowing Club building, so they went down towards the back which brought them directly to the river’s edge.  Funny how one can drive past a building many times but never really look at it.

By the river

By the river

At this point, the girl, the boy and the dog just stood on the frozen river and looked around.  “Hey, you feel like crossing over to “Les Iles de Boucherville?” the boy asked.  Oh!  The mere thought of crossing the frozen river by foot was an adventure in itself!  They looked around and saw that there were many fishermen scattered about and didn’t seem worried one bit about falling through the ice.  “Why not?” the girl responded, and off they went!

Once they got to the other side, Zeke looked back as if to scold them for being so slow!  He then ran up and waited for them to join him.

They walked along hoping to see deer as there are many to be found on these islands (a National Park) but, being a Sunday, there were quite a few people walking, jogging, snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing…  The deer made themselves scarce!

As they made their way back, the boy pointed across to what seemed to be an opening.  “There!  Look!  I bet you that’s where your river comes out!  Let’s go explore!”

The exit

The exit

“Yes!” the girl exclaimed.  “Let’s!”  And off they went, enjoying the views… which included a water plane!

They finally made it.  Indeed, it was definitely an opening, a viaduct, and had to be where the girl’s river joined the St. Lawrence.

The river

The river

The couple went under but Zeke was not following.  “Come on, Zeke!  It’s safe! You can do it!” they cajoled… He’d step forward, back up, whine and start again.

Finally, he realised they were not coming back for him and would leave him behind.  No way was he walking in the middle (though the river had a really thick covering of ice) so to the sides he went, slipping and sliding…

Don't wanna cross

Don’t wanna cross

The couple continued walking pretty much in the centre of the river but not him!  He even tried to convince them to go up the sides of the riverbank to one of the heritage houses!

They continued walking and then.  What?…. a wall! What?

The wall

The wall

This couldn’t be it?  They walked right up to the wall and could hear the water running beneath their feet.  The boy stomped his foot to break the ice but could not break through…

Trying to see the river

Trying to see the river

They knew this had to be where the river passed under the highway as there were no other options that they could see.  The girl climbed up the side to see and saw…



…this little walkway.  Hmmm.. it was impossible to follow along to the left as there were fences everywhere and they really did not want to risk slipping on the ice hiding beneath the water.   On the right side was a cul de sac and a passageway for the locals to use to get to the bus stop.

The tube

The tube

It was almost spooky to walk through!

The tunnel led to a staircase to said bus stop at the top of the overpass which crossed the highway.

Up to the outside

Up to the outside

“Well”, said the boy, “looks like it’s the end of the line!”  The girl nodded her head and said,  “I never would have thought that my river that started at the Parc des Brouages would end up here!  What a fun experiment, don’t you think?”

He nodded his head, grabbed her hand and they made their way home.  A perfect day indeed.

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Where Does My River Go, Part Deux

It was a beautiful day.  The girl was sitting at her computer, deciding on how to go about her day when she got a visitor… No words were necessary!


“Yes, my Zekie-Poo, we will go for our walk!” she told him and proceeded to get dressed.  Hmmm… it was a “balmy” -3°C (which warmed up considerably as they went along on their walk).  Knowing full well she would probably end up on her knees at one point or another to take a picture, or walk in knee-deep snow, the girl decided to put her snowpants on, no matter how warm it was. And her tuque (why, oh why did she only have a wool one?) And her scarf – no scratch that, her scarf was too long and hot, she would use her son’s that she had made for him as it was shorter (another mistake – just as warm).  Mitts were always required as her hands can’t handle the cold.

Off they went with no particular destination in mind and the girl was almost tempted to turn around and peel off some layers.  Ugh!  Why oh why did she do this to herself!  Take the hat off, no too cold; put the hat on, too hot; take the scarf off – where to put the damned thing?  Tie it on the leash. No, that was totally annoying to both Zeke and the girl.  Oh!  Around the outside of the coat? No, too short, kept sliding.  Bloody hell!  Ah!  In the Hood of the coat.  Out of the way and off the body!  Take the mitts off, starting to feel cold; put the mitts back on.  And so it went.  All the way to “Nina’s Park”!

“Oh?, What the heck is this?” questioned the girl… “Snowmen! No, Snowmice! Hmmm… Snowrabbits?”

Not sure...

Not sure…

Whatever they were, they stood in the middle of the park like Sentinels watching over the joint!

They chose to continue on to their walk to De Brouages Park with no intention other than to extend this time in this beautiful weather.  Once they arrived, they noted snowmen “bodies” all over the place.  Oh my! Had there been a bombing?  (She did have quite the imagination…)

Snowmen bodies

Snowmen bodies

The girl sat and contemplated, looking around her and just enjoying the view, half wishing she had another with her to chat with.  Let’s face it, Zeke is not that talkative!

A place to rest

A place to rest

Looking at the little bridge crossing “her” river, she noted some trees that seemed to tell her:  “Go this way, have you figured out where your river goes yet?”

“Oh yes!” she cried.  “Let’s go, Zeke!”  And off they went!

Along the way, they noted the pretty details in the vinegar plant and oh! a slide for leprechauns!

As they got closer to the river, the girl decided that maybe it would be best NOT to walk along it.  They had gone as far as they could last time…

My river

My river

They walked alongside the pathway until they got to the spot where the girl had broken through the ice.  Looking around, she tried to find the exit of the viaduct by peeping over the fence.  Ah hah!



Found it!

They had to cross a street and look around to see where the river continued and finally found it!

They walked along it, keeping a close eye on where it meandered.  Somewhere it had to pass UNDER the highway.  There!  Right next to the little strip mall!

Alrighty then…. the girl’s hubby was almost right.  He thought it crossed over under a little further than it really did….  She couldn’t wait to tell him!

“So, Zeke. What think you? Should we wait for another trip to see just where this river finally joins the St.Lawrence?”



She decided that the adventure would have to continue at another time.  They still had quite a ways to go before they returned home…

They walked along the bicycle path that runs parallel to the train tracks.  So nice that the City plows it for the walkers all through winter – where they can!

The girl had lived her whole life in this town – most of it in a house close enough to the tracks that every three to six months, the glasses had to be pushed back in the china cabinet as the house would shake so much they would start banging together!  What a memory that was….  That, and the fact that the train whistle would blow at all hours of the day and night.  Much to the townspeople’s chagrin.  After many years of complaints, a fence was finally installed all along the tracks.  Apparently this is the only thing that can be done to ensure they need not warn folks that trains are passing.

Gateways are installed along every crosswalk and are unlocked most of the day.



They continued on their way, enjoying the sounds of the birds, some of which were sunning themselves on the wires and they even ran into two little girls.  “Hmmm…” she thought. “Wonder if they are playing hooky!!”  She then remembered that it was a pedagogical day for the French schools…

A most enjoyable walk, indeed!

They were looking forward to their next adventure!

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Where Does My River Go?

A little something different for you today.  A story, if you will…

There once was a girl and her dog.  Though it was not always so, they had become partners in adventures.  You see, when the dog first became a member of the family, he was meant to be for the children; or to be truthful, maybe, more for the man of the house as the dog was “his type of dog”, and for the first few years he was.  The boys took him for walks and so did the man of the house.  He took the dog for “Daddy Walks” which were much longer than the ones the boys did (most of the time) and always included a good brushing.  The girl (I really should say woman but for the purposes of this story, shall use girl) occasionally did as well but it was more of a rarity.

So then, how did the girl become the dog’s mistress?  Because, let me tell you, dear reader, he is definitely hers now!  Well, there was a change in her circumstances and she became a free agent, if you will, able to now do things on her own time…  So, starting in late Fall, she started taking the dog, Zeke was his name, on 45-90 minute walks.  They were on a journey of discovery (and let’s face it, the exercise would do them both good).  They had been living in this neighbourhood for just over five years and had never really explored it.  How much more pleasant is it to explore à deux?

And so it began, always with camera in hand as one never knows what one will see…

Every day they took a different route.  Oh, they did return to various places but never the same destination two days in a row.  On occasion, only on week-ends, they would be accompanied by the hubby.  This was a rare treat indeed.

Not totally frozen

Not totally frozen

On this particular day their intentions were to only make their way to the small park, where Zeke’s friend Nina can be found.  Sadly, she was not outside that day but they were greeted by a cacophony created by a treeful of birds!


The day was so beautiful, they decided to extend their walk and made their way to the park. (You remember, the one they had discovered quite by accident? It had now become a regular destination.  Especially once they discovered there was a river!)

This time they arrived at the park on the opposite side.  Would you look at that?  There’s a bit of wall !  Wonder what is was used for?  Wonder where the rest of it went?  Was there a rest?

Oh look!  The river is totally frozen!  “Hmmm”, wondered the girl, “wonder where this river goes?  I know it has to eventually make its way to the St.Lawrence but how does it get there?”  Was the river frozen all the way?

“You think it’s safe, Zeke?”, she asked.  He looked at her with what she took as acquiescence and away they went, feeling adventurous.  At the start of the adventure there were footprints of all sorts but gradually, the human ones were fewer and fewer.


Until the only ones to be seen were of the four-legged kind (andy maybe the two-legged-not-human)!

They fearlessly continued on their way, ducking – OK, maybe just the girl had to – under the branches of the trees and going around others.  Oh look! It’s an overpass!  She climbed up the side to see which overpass it was and then went back down.

“So? Should we go through?”  Zeke took a few steps in and the girl followed.  “Doesn’t seem too bad…”

She decided to go further.  The ice seems pretty thick here yet she heard water.  She moved forward, not noticing she was now alone on this part of the venture… The ice cracked at one point but held her weight.

She shuffled along tentatively and then, PLOP!  Her foot went right through!

She could see the running water quite clearly now.  She looked around for Zeke, to warn him…. Where was he?  There he was at the entrance, sitting, waiting, looking in at the fool who decided to keep on going!

I ain't goin' in there!

I ain’t goin’ in there!

She shook her head ruefully and said to Zeke: “Obviously, I should have heeded your warning…”  Thankfully her boots were waterproof!

They decided they’d had enough adventure for the day and would seek to find the rest of the river’s route another time.

Walking back, the girl noticed something quite peculiar, yet quite lovely.  Some kind person put a bit of summer for all to see.

Maybe it was put it there just for them!

Part Deux