Energy Pull – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morning, my peeps!  I just managed to get my brain to function and my fingers to typing to write out this little silly before heading out to work.  Rochelle, our fabulous leader, has chosen one of my pictures… How cool is that?  Very.

G’head, play along. Write your own little 100-word story based on this weird statue that is all over the Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal. Just click on the blue frog below, add your link and Bob’s your uncle!

C’mon, click me to play! You know you wanna…

Energy Pull

Aim for a balanced life, they say.  Yeah, sure. No problemo. I’ll just sit here and be zen and ignore the things that suck the energy out of me. You know, things like work and kids and the house that seems to be falling down around me.  Balanced. Pfft!  How does one distribute the energy required to get it all done?

Prioritize. Yeah, that’s how you do it.

Put your bathing suit on, get a glass of wine and a book and sit by the pool.

And don’t notice that the grass is too long and the pool need vacuuming.

What? For Me?

“Blessed are they who expect nothing, for they will be pleasantly surprised.”
Marty Rubin

I worked the last Christmas party at the golf club Friday night (yay!). Finished at 3:00 a.m., got home by 3:15-ish, changed into comfy PJs – coz there is no way in hell I was gonna just hit the hay and fall asleep.  Doesn’t work that way.  Got take it down a notch, yanno?  Poured myself a brewskie, started reading blog posts and answering comments and, once I started yawning, went to bed by 4:30-ish.  Was still not sleeping by 5-something.

Finally did conk out and was wakened (woken? awoken? awakened?) by my damn dog at 8ish.  Managed to hold back and NOT kill him, let him out, returned to bed and fell back asleep until 11:00.  Not what one would call a proper amount of ZZZs.

Gave up on the idea of getting more sleep and dragged my sorry ass downstairs to make myself a coffee.  Made like a slug in front of the computer to see what was new and exciting and by 11:50 got a text from Sophie asking if I was home.  I replied in the affirmative and she said she and Charles would be right over.  I answered with an “I guess I better get dressed then!”

I totally didn’t blog about it (and if I did, I tagged it horribly because I can’t find it) but last August, I helped out at Sophie and Charles’ wedding, wrapping bread, lighting candles, but mostly playing bartender.

Anyway, they must’ve been around the corner because I was not finished dressing when the doorbell rang!  Sheesh!

Their mission was to give me a gift as a thank you for helping them out!  How sweet.  And how wonderful.  How totally unexpected. I’ve been given a spa package including an exfoliation with a massage.  Can you say PERFECT timing?  To receive this type of gift right after my last day of work?


Only, it ended up NOT being my last day.

At the beginning of Friday’s shift, Hélène, my boss looked at me, practically batting her eyes and whined said:  “You really don’t want to come and brunch with us on Sunday?”  Read:  “You sure you don’t want to work with us on Sunday?”

I laughed and said… “Are you saying you really need me to come and work?”

“Yes.  It’s the members.  You surely want to say goodbye to them? (No, I really don’t).  They’ll be happy to see you. There will be 100 of them.”


I’m such a suck.

So all my going on and on about the 14th being my last day of work for the season for real?   Nope.  Not only did I agree to work today, on Sunday.  But I had to be there for 9 am.  Now, I know for most folks, this is more than reasonable.  However, I have been on the start at 4:00 pm, finish in the wee hours beat for the past month.

Alarm clock at 7, coffee, breakfast, shower and work at 9.  I kinda have to admit that though I was okay with NOT seeing the members one last time?  They were kinda nice and sweet and every single one asked me if I’d be back next season.

I answered with that vague, “We shall see…”

So NOW I can celebrate and book my two-hours of relaxation…

Which I now feel is even more deserved.  No?

I know this is a Thanksgiving song… and I am giving thanks so…