Not Fit For Company – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my peeps!  Well.. for another 7 minutes in my neck of the woods anyway!  Didn’t think I’d have the energy to come up with anything and then tried not to go any particularly direct route (as I like to do, anyway) so… voilà…

Thank you to Rochelle for keeping us in line each and every week.  Thank you to all of you who participate and reciprocate, which makes this weekly get-together all the better.  And this week, thank you to Yvette Prior for allowing us to use this photo… I won’t even ask what that’s all about, k?  To play along, please click on the blue frog below.  Not sure how this works?  Easy peasy!  100 words – no more but less is accepted (not including the title) – one story, beginning, middle and end.  Hook up with the frog!

©Yvette Prior

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Not Fit For Company

She had that deep, sexy voice you just couldn’t forget.  And a laugh that included everyone within hearing distance.  And, always dressed to kill.  Not overkill, mind you, but always in good taste, well put together, you know?  Clothes, make-up, jewellery, the whole shebang.  Never ever would you see her out in public in sweat pants and no make-up.  Never in a million years.

Had never been inside her home, always said it wasn’t fit for company.  Laugh and say, ya right!  Then one day, she called.  She’d fallen and couldn’t get up.  So I went.  Man, she was right.