Weekend Coffee Share – My First Attempt


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I had planned to participate in this most lovely challenge (though I prefer to call it, collection of like-minded souls) two weeks ago.  It is totally nuts.  I don’t really know what I was thinking and Saturday comes and goes so quickly that here I am at 6:00 pm writing because I just do not feel like cooking (I am a caterer and cook every day, almost) and my boys have both abandoned me (to be sure, at 17 and 16, they’ve much more interesting things to do than hang around with Mumzy on a Saturday night) and the house is quiet.  Sounds like an opportune time.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you how your week has been and what are your plans for the week-end.  Will you be relaxing by a fire (though we’ve unseasonably warm weather) and reading a book, glass of wine in hand or would you be doing all that end-of-season gardening stuff that should have been done weeks ago?  No, no, I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about YOU!  I read recently that they say we should NOT rake our leaves.  Who am I to argue with “they”?

I would say, that after making one of the meals for my clients (pardon my crappy picture, didn’t look that awful on my phone!), I did empty the pool of the extra six inches as I was counselled to do, had my eldest remove the extra leaves in said pool (my shoulder is out from doing it last week) and then called my lovely neighbour, Robert, who came and helped me close the bloody thing.  I am still in awe, pretty much every day, of all the things Mick took care of.  Sigh.  Would that I had been a better wife and helped him more when he was around.  I’d be feeling a lot less guilty and a lot less ignorant of all that needs to be done.

2015-11-07 13.06.45

If we were having coffee, I would mention that last Saturday (when I wanted to post), I was blessed many times over.  Mick’s buddy, Armen, came all the way from Laval, crossing two bridges, to come and help my boys put up the Tempo (sorry, this is an eponym for a structure that protects automobiles from the elements.  It’s not the most attractive thing that exists, but once you’ve had one, you so appreciate not having to scrape ice or brush snow off your car before leaving the homestead!


I would also mention that I had three couples over for dinner : friends of Mick’s who have become mine as well – after almost 20 years, one would hope!  We reminisced and laughed about Mick and his shenanigans.  It was warm, fuzzy and special.  I never once felt it was an obligation on their part to be nice to “the widow”.  Sounds silly, I know, but when the main link is gone, one does not assume things will keep going along in the same fashion.  That said, Iain, my eldest, came home from work early and had to torment the guests with his hot peppers, sauces, powder.  He managed to get André and Bill to each try a little piece.  Bill’s reaction was worth it.  One must understand, Iain is a huge fan of all peppers with deadly names (à la Scorpion, Reaper, and the like) and, if he likes you, will cajole you into tasting one.  André was lucky, he accidently swallowed his whole so would only feel the effects the next day! 😉  Bill, on the other hand, did what he was supposed to and chewed it before swallowing.  I cannot help but show his reaction!

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If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my (almost) daily walks with Zeke keep me sane in times of chaos.  I allow my mind to wander at will, many times seemingly totally blank, though I know I’m actually seeing how the foliage changes over the course of weeks, seasons; I notice the little things that normally I would probably step on callously, I smell the scents around me and hear the various birds.  It is amazing how calming it can be to just put one foot in front of the other, walking for kilometres, taking photos, throwing sticks for Zeke and on occasion, running into friendly folk who are willing to stop and chat.

Sometimes, I’ll just stop in my tracks because a colour combo grabs my attention


Or, as in this case, the stark, leafless tree perfectly placed before another in full foliage, giving the former an almost creepy look.


Often on my walks, I use both camera and phone so I can Instagram images along the way – I’ve a friend in South Africa who has asked me to keep taking her along on my walks, as she misses her hometown.  For you, Linsey!  This particular image was taken by phone and by camera but for some strange reason, the phone one came out soft and fuzzy, giving it a dreamlike quality.  I much preferred that look!

2015-11-02 09.58.13

I don’t know how I ended up arriving at Parc des Coutances by the other side but it gave me a new perspective!  Funny how I can cross that little bridge going in the opposite direction but never think of turning around just to take a picture.  Things that make you go hmmm.


On my way back towards home, a squirrel was kind enough to give me the time to change lens and come a little bit closer – I kept Zeke in check, lest he scare him away before I got a good shot in.  So kind of him (her?) to turn towards me for his (her?) closeup!


Later on this week, I decided to go out during the “Golden Hour” hoping to catch the good light but by the time I reached the destination, I almost missed it!  Let’s just say that, next time, I shall choose a different one with more opportunities.  This is walking along the Industrial area, towards the highway.  Who would think this was right next to noise and traffic?


And, of course, I cannot very well keep talking about walking with Zeke without included at least one image of him! He is, after all, the reason I get up and take these wonderful walks!


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that sitting in a quiet house, on a Saturday night, writing my Weekend Coffee Share is almost, but never as good, as having you right beside me on my couch, exchanging your stories of your week.  And then I would tell you that I truly have to get my butt into gear as I am a couple thousand words short on my NaNoWriMo so I must leave you now and get to it!

I wish for you a week filled with exactly the types of moments you wish to have!


I am such a doorknob!  In my excitement of doing my first ever coffee share, I totally forgot to mention that the weekend coffee share is hosted by Part Time Monster

And that if you want to check out other participants’ stories, just click right here!



Duck and Cover… or Trip and Roll

The morning started off fairly cold and I decided, once I stopped procrastinating, to take Zeke for a short walk before starting on my closet purge.  It is, after all, Clean Your Closets Week, according to Frank.  And, should I take too long to decide to do them, well, I do have the rest of the week!

We had had quite the snowfall on Saturday night and all the trees were quite pretty (if we can still say pretty after all these months!) so I was focused on taking a picture of the tree instead of the steps of my stoop.  My mistake.

With a yelp and a twist of the ankle, down I went onto my knees with a roll onto my back, all the while protecting my camera!  Must have been a pretty sight!  Were there witnesses? I don’t think so.  Zeke just watched me from his usual perch, barely flicking an eyebrow.  Uncouth brute.

I checked my left knee, which got the brunt of it, and it seemed OK, though a piece of skin was lifted.  How the heck does that happen, through pants and without ripping them?  Not being a wuss, I picked myself up and off we went to the Industrial Park, my destination of choice when I don’t feel like going to far.

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By the time I got home, my knee was feeling pretty stiff. Maybe I should have put something on it after all… was now looking pretty raw.   Perfect excuse to NOT clear my closet!  Guess that has become tomorrow’s task!

I call it, not stressing over the details and going with the flow.  Others may call it laziness.

Po-tay-to. Po-tah-to.