Weekend Writing Prompt #62 – Zephyr

Good Sunday my readers.  I hope you are enjoying beauty in your surroundings.  I am attempting something I’ve never done (and had never heard of, until recently).  It’s all  your fault, Merril.  The following is my attempt at a cleave poem.  For those of you, who, like me, had (have) no clue what the heck that is… it’s a poem that can be read three ways:  just the column on the left (in black), the column on the right (in blue) or the whole thing together.

I don’t know what I was thinking except to push myself into a scary, unknown territory.  Me, who’s not even a poet!

Thank you Sammi Cox for hosting this challenge.  You have unwittingly given me a push!

Whisper thin, veil-like, her dress of zephyr

Gently billowing around her, caressing her body

Dancing and swaying with the long grasses, tickling her legs

Meandering, no final destination, she smiles at life’s joys

Arms wide, receiving this blessing, sun beaming down

Taking it all in and absorbing the good, feeling warm and loved

Cloud comes, obscures the sun, suddenly cool, blot of darkness

What is this?  She frowns, looks up

Surreptitiously, the zephyr appears, cloud is gently blown away

One needs some darkness, to better appreciate the light

And to allow the wind to blow, capturing and releasing, loving and losing